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The Impact of Adoption on Birth Parents

This information is addressed to you, the birth parent. Although the adoption community sometimes overlooks your contribution and sacrifice, this article addresses adoption from your point of view. Placing a child for adoption is not an easy thing to do, not at the time of placement nor years later. How do you get through the experience, and how does it affect you later in life?

We cannot address every aspect of your experience—the topic is just too broad. It focuses on the most common experiences of parents who have voluntarily placed their infants and is divided into four parts.

 Coping with Grief is a brief overview of the impact that adoption may have had on you. It focuses on three topics: coping with grief, romantic relationships, and parenting issues.

Birth Parents Experience discusses your experiences during three time periods: (1) the birth and placement of the child, (2) the years after placement but before the child becomes a legal adult, and (3) the time after the child becomes an adult. Specific coping issues for each period are addressed.

Birth Parents Coping looks at ways that you can cope with your feelings and gives specific options for facing your grief.

Resources contains a list of resources where you can go for help.

One point to remember is that you are not alone. Many others have felt the same feelings and had the same experiences as you. A number of birth parents have come forward and are willing to offer help, as are others in the adoption field.

Resource:  National Adoption Information Clearinghouse.

Adoption fact:


The choice is yours

You can choose who you want to adopt your child.

You can choose professional help at no cost to you.

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